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The Benefits:

   * Helps improve skin texture daytime and overnight with rare and potent plant extracts.
   * Rose Damask natural micro-encapsulated extract contains abundant skin rejuvenating properties.
   * Geranium and Myrrh work together to deeply tighten and fight wrinkles and lines    
   * NOTE: Elite contains higher concentrations of rare plants that may assist to yield better results
   * Helps restore skin clarity and protect skin from harsh environmental aggressors.
   * Helps to deeply nourish skin via rare variety of steam distilled plant extracts.
   * Helps improve natural skin contraction and tightening for youthful appearance.
   * Gives healthy glow.
   * Helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
   * Helps provide hydration and antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors.

Key Ingredients:

   * Immortelle flower essential oil stimulates the production of collagens
   * Immortelle flower helps improve skin microcirculation,
   * Sweet orange natural micro-encapsulated extract contains high amounts of collagen and connective fiber
   - assisting vitamin C
   * Olive fruit hydrophobic potent micro-encapsulated extract grants superior anti-oxidant assistance with
   - no grease.
   * Labdanum and Jasmine flower work together for superior skin rejuvenating properties.
   * Helps to reduce damage caused by time and restore substance and vitality
   * Carrot seed assistance in tissue repair.
   * Carotenoids within carrot seed applied may directly reduce the damaging effects of UVR.
   * German and Roman Chamomile extract helps to reduce the appearance of facial puffiness.
   * Geranium Essential Oil helps balance skin by regulating sebum production.
   * Geranium acts as a natural astringent, causing skin tissue to contract resulting in firmer
     younger looking skin.

superior cellular skin elixir, moisturizing serum for face and skin
  • benefits of hydrophobic liquids contained in this elixir:
  • - light face oily-less
  • - calms skin irritation [including those who shave]
  • - truly beneficial for stressed skin
  • - is made completely from powerful natural anti-oxidants
  • - nurture your cells from the base cell layer by providing a multitude the earths most powerful natural antioxidants deep within
  • - smoother
  • - radiant glow
  • - moisturizing
  • - serum
  • - natural astringent quality, beneficial for normal and combination skin types [skin will not feel tight]
  • - gently re balance skin, using plant lipids to allow for natural calmness and re balance of skins own function
  • - skin nourishing essential fatty acids, important for skin function
  • - vitamins and minerals in their natural form, delivered deep via hydrophobic micro-encapsulated natural technology
  • - hydrophobic liquids are known for their natural and true anti-bacterial and anti-viral abilities wherever they are present

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