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this item is custom made just for you, and your skins' needs.

unique to phos wellness

at phos wellness, we understand that every person’s skin and daily activity is different.  no one is alike.
we introduce custom made elixirs and target your personal skins need.

> under-eye circles?    puffiness?    dry skin?    patchy?    breaking out?   rosacea?    cellulite?    eczema?    other?  

the benefits:

   * custom made for your needs.
   * targeting your skins issues.
   * personal.
   * face formula.
   * day or night formula.
   * body formula.
   * hair formula.
   * luxurious, lightweight or heavy.  you guide and we will select what is right for you.

the ingredients:

   * mixture of historical utilized plant steam distilled extracts selected for your specific need
   * we select a base carriers which suits  skins needs working toward improving skins overall condition.
   * marula nut oil provides emolliency and give skin a smoother, glowing healthier appearance.
   * uniquely created for you.

in order to take advantage of this unique service, we would like to further understand your skin profile; via 10 very simple questions.

how to order:

add to cart
then after checking out:
email us your 'order number' along with the answers to the questions below.

you may answer using your own words and;
using a yes or no answers.
using a sliding scale of 1 - 5 where applicable.  
the number 5 being the most / highest
and 0 before the lowest:


* do you like a light feeling elixir on the skin?

* do you like a heavy feeling elixir on the skin?

* do you have a oily t-zone?
[t-zone refers to the forehead, nose and chin]

* do you have oily cheeks?

* do you have an oily chin?

* after you wash your face and before toning or moisturizing, is your skin tight?
* if so where?
example "my cheeks are tight if i don't moisturize"

* what is your age [optional, yet very helpful]

* do you break out [pimples] easily?
* if yes, where on the face?

* is your skin sensitive?
- sensitivity refers to skin that easily reacts to a variety of change in temperature, causing skin to become red/blotchy, ie.  if by simply placing a finger to your face, a break out or red patch shall occur.

* do you have rosacea, eczema or another skin condition?

* include any information about your skin that you believe to be pertinent to your skin condition ie, is this an eye, face, leg, or elbow cream, rosacea, eczema, time of life, cold or hot/dry climate. etc

if more information is required we shall email you within 1 day
do you have additional questions? please ask.

phos is dedicated to the best skin care and the finest customer service.  feel free to ask questions.  we shall return your email promptly. your custom made order shall be made and shipped quickly and with ease.

you shall receive your product within 3 - 7 days.
  • benefits of hydrophobic liquids contained in this elixir:
  • - this item is made just for you
  • - calms skin irritation
  • - truly beneficial for stressed skin
  • - is made completely from powerful natural anti-oxidants
  • - nurture your cells from the base cell layer by providing a multitude the earths most powerful natural antioxidants deep within
  • - smoother
  • - radiant glow
  • - moisturizing
  • - serum
  • - gently rebalanced skin, using plant lipids to allow for natural calmness and rebalanced of skins own function
  • - skin nourishing essential fatty acids, important for skin function
  • - vitamins and minerals in their natural form, delivered deep via hydrophobic micro-encapsulated natural technology
  • - hydrophobic liquids are known for their natural and true anti-bacterial and anti-viral abilities wherever they are present

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