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what makes us different?

ceo & creator Phos Wellnes LLC

I am very pleased to create such an advanced line of natural and organic products. Phos Wellness comes from the heart together with years of study and testing.

The power of plants + science rooted from cultures around the world creates recipes for Skin, Oral care, and a promise to expand our brand to bring you a wider array of items for your well being, that work.

Since 2002 I've been mixing my own natural skin care at home, using only natural first-extract plant ingredients.

After years of use by myself, family and friends, and continued reuests for people to purchase I decided to put my years of study of natural medicine, herbs and essential oils to use. and Phos wellness, the first in organic molecular skin organic skin care for the 21st century was born.

Organic Skin care that is actually cell care.

I was not in a rush to produce this amazing product and I was moving slow. I must admit I enjoyed having the secret recipe that gave me glowing and radiant skin.

My closest friend who uses Phos traveled to California for business. In the middle of a warm day a lady approached him and began complimenting the amazing scent and youthful glow, asking if he he just had a facial. He being a native New Yorker, was a little taken back. She continued to enquire what he was waring.

My friend informed the lady that he did not know what she was talking about and continued with his day. Later the same day she found him once more, and said asked for his secret. At this time his New York city attitude was engaged and proceeded to ask the lady to leave him alone.

She leaned forward and breathed in, she stated quicky that this light and amazing scent was coming from his face, she said that this beautiful scent gave her memories of growing up with her father who was a perfumer. It reminded her of amazing days and made her feel young. He paused and told her the only thing he was wearing is a natural moisturizer that his friend gives to him.

She reveals she is the owner of a private spa in California and wanted to stock it immediately.

The brand became PHOS WELLNESS, and thats how Phos came to be sold.

More about Stasios and his story.
Since I was a child I have always known that nature holds all the answers to our health issues. I recall watching a documentary about the amazon rain forest and the plants that inhabit it. I turned to my Father and said "i think all medicines can come from plants and cure everyone, I think plants are powerful", a mighty statement for a 10 year old.

In 2001 I began working for a very large 'natural' skin care line and learning about the skin and how natural ingredients work.

After asking many questions and the trainer getting slightly upset that I was so inquisitive, I was instructed to listen to what this big company was telling me and to relay this info to the customers. I didnt like the closed minded approach but I was young and impressionable so I listened to their form of education. In the back of my mind I longed to know more about these amazing natural extracts that boast so much.

I thought that there must be away to apply a concentration of plant power to the cell of the skin. Natural ingredients can do amazing things to skin, BUT if they do not travel to the cell, what use are they?

I needed to find out and create a compund of natual ingrdients that would reach the cell, thus creating a first in cell-care by nature.

Early on in my childhood I learned that the skin-cell is responsible for the skin that we see above it, this is the reflection in the mirror that you see each morning and night. As time passes the skin cell takes a 'copy' of itself and duplicates, then takes another copy of the last duplication and so forth. This is the aging process.

I realized that the magic trick is to assist the cell to create a-super-close-to-exact-copy of the first cell and keep it that way. Or if its damaged [aged] to help it return to a better state.

I began to researched natural recipes and place them in an elixir with some kind of natural micro encapsulated technology enabling the power of these plants to travel deep into the skin.

After acquiring books from different corners of the world about skin care and traveling europe when i was young -
I began to make my own mixtures at home and refining the worldly recipes for use today, modern and quick.

10 years later around 2011 My friends and I were using my tried and true recipe. People constantly commenting how I [and they] hadn't aged and asking how my skin is so good after 10 years.

I was then basically placed on a fast track to hire a lab and put my heart and soul into the packaging of Phos Wellness so that it reflected what it is inside.

after meeting my first spa owner as mentioned above, the packaging was created and Phos Wellness was born.

Phos Wellness is skin care re-thought.

Our focus is to continue to create true skin care, that is actually cell-care. Products that act to nurture the skin at the cellular level

Phos creates items for all types of skin, face and eye area including out oral care which has be touted as a dentist in a jar.

Phos Wellness boasts
- 100% whole bio-rich natural, and organic ingredients;
- applied to the face, morning and night as part of a face and skin-cell moisturizing, full-antioxidant, rejuvenation, protection and ageless nourishment routine.
- for all ages and all skin types.
- simple.

Lets get a bit more technical;
Why is our Phos Wellness different to other products that use essential oils?

- higher concentration of plant extract than any other line that we have tested.
- rare ingredients in higher concentrations that show benefits from greater levels.

Yes we use essential oils. Essential oils contain plant hormones. These are the chemical messengers of the plant and they regulate the growth of the plant. Phyto-hormones are produced in extremely low concentrations in the plant and determine the formation of the growth of all parts of the plant, be it the flowers, leaves, stems,and fruit.

If used correctly these extracts offer superior quality skin-cell assistance like no other.

Our ingredients deliver real and natural aroma-pleasing plant molecule extracts in their most potent form. skin is glowing with health and vibrance.

our formulations have been tried and tested by ourselves, friends, family, MD’s, nurses, holistic practitioners and herbal specialists for over ten years to remarkable avail. we could not have asked for better feedback.

documented natural essential extracts are held in high-esteem for their regenerative and nutritive properties.

Phos Wellness uses organic therapeutic grade essential oil molecules, therapeutic grade essential lipid plant extracts; [plant, herb, flower, fruit and seed and nut] only.

many scientists believe that essential oils stimulate the body's own natural defense systems. the positive effect of essential oils on blood circulation is well documented.

A little more on essential oils?

Essential oil extracts are effective and greatly applicable to particular skin conditions such as;

- premature aging
- UV + other damaged skin types
- blotchy
- irregular pigmentation
- acne-prone
- rosacea
- eczema
+ many many more.

essential extracts utilized within Phos Wellness have been shown to;
stimulate circulation to the surface skin cells, encourage cell regeneration and the formation of new skin cells.

select essential extract lipids are famed to have a connection with inflamed or irritated skin and even relieve muscle spasms and tension. many essential extracts / hydrophobic extracts oils can encourage the production of white blood cells, boosting the immune system of the body.

here at Phos Wellness we only use the finest, organic and true first extract, distilled, first press, and pure oxygen extracts to give to you a product second to no other. Phos understands that different skin-types may have positive or/and negative responses to different natural extracts.

Phos Wellness
recipes are historically intelligent, with the strength of cultural heritage, indigenous tribal knowledge and a balance of natural lipids + extracts; creates our line of normal/combination, oily, dry skin items plus our Phos elite face care elixir, along with our oral care like no other.

accept no substitutes or imitations.
Phos Wellness Skin Care LLC

a healthy cell equals healthy skin. longer.

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