Phos Wellness believes that a healthy cell equals healthy skin. longer.

the use of plant extracts and essential oils has increased within arising new skin care lines.

Phos Wellnes believes that all skin care lines that use essential oils are not created equal.

Phos Wellness will only utilize closely guarded and historically tried and true recipes. Our recipies also contain deep roots gained from native and aboriginal tribal use from around the world, adapting their plant recipes to modern Phos Wellness creations.

can we fix and reprogram damaged cells?

Our CELLS and DNA are what makes us who we are physically.
an error in our DNA makes an error possibly visible to us either as dis-ease or/and viable aging.

ge is simply a cell that is gradually damaged from years of use, replicating itself at a lesser-perfect rate, add to that free-radical damage equals wrinlkes, damaged skin, slacking skin, premature and mature looking skin [person].

"with the correct information [cells] can function properly and effect a permanent healing"
- David Stewart, Ph. D

David Stewart, Ph. D speaks about the power of these essential [plant] oils
"there is a natural chemical found in essential oils, that "reprograms the DNA at a cellular level" which is why healing via essential oils are often permanent, I.E., the miswritten codes in the cells have been corrected."
- David Stewart, Ph. D

Essential oils convey the complex natural healing powers of plants, offering
scientifically proven advantages
Dietrich Gumbel, Ph.D.
German biologist

Phos Wellness
a healthy cell equals healthy skin. longer.

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