eye ozone
eye ozone
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a first of its kind, eye care for the 21st century
   * calm puffiness with two types of deep acting chamomile.
   * immortelle flower infused for its powerful cell rejuvenation properties. *
   * helps to brighten eye area.
   * helps improve firmness.
   * fights puffiness.
   * helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
   * helps provide hydration and protection from environmental aggressors.
key ingredients:
   * ozone tri-oxygen.  infuse skin with oxygen while protecting from environmental aggressors.
   * arnica; popular due to its use for its ability to help heal wounds and soothe bruises due to its assistance in tissue repair.
   * micro german and roman chamomile act deep, working to reduce puffiness and brightens.
   * pomegranate extract with ellagic acid for super skin health.
   * marula kernel extract known to the natives of africa to help improve skin suppleness.
   - and smoothness while providing long-lasting moisturisation without greasiness.

* immortelle flower extract is rich and powerful noted for its effectiveness for acne, bruises, boils, burns, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, irritated skin and wounds.
historically noted for its great power and known for skin rejuvenation strength.
  • benefits of hydrophobic liquids contained in this elixir:
  • - light eye care for all skin types
  • - helps to calm puffiness with two types of deep acting chamomile flowers
  • - ultra powerful antioxidant plant profile created especially lower eye area
  • - nurture your cells from the base cell layer by providing a multitude of the earths most powerful natural antioxidants
  • - contains ingredients for the assistance of micro circulation
  • - moisturizing
  • - natural astringent quality, beneficial for under-eye bags
  • - plant extracts allow for natural calmness and rebalanced of skins own function
  • - skin nourishing essential fatty acids, important for skin function
  • - vitamins and minerals in their natural form, delivered deep via hydrophobic micro-encapsulated natural technology
  • - hydrophobic liquids are known for their natural and true anti-bacterial and anti-viral abilities wherever they are present

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